Urban Meyer Demands That You Watch This “Trailer” About “The Game”!


Ohio State Head Football Coach Urban Meyer and his staff have been circulating this “trailer” to get you even MORE hyped about “The Game”!  They DEMAND that you watch it!  Go Bucks!  We are THE “Beat Michigan” Station!
Keep it tuned to 955 The Game!!

Go Bucks! Beat *ichigan!

t’s “Beat Michigan” Week here in old Columbustown and while it is fun to watch others try to avoid using the letter “M” throughout the week, don’t expect it from me.  You got it in the title of this post, enjoy it.  Speaking of bashing our enemies to the north, I must admit last year I had an “epiphany” of sorts (shocking, I know).  I was one who took glee in watching “The School Up North” fail miserably. I took unbridled glee in watching them fall to Appalachian State in 2007.

I used to be one of those who preached, “My two favorite teams are Ohio State and whoever plays Michigan.  I initially enjoyed watching fat, bumbling Brady Hoke try to impersonate a Division I Football Coach but now have come to the realization that a bad Michigan football team is bad for Ohio State and bad for the Big Ten Conference.
Brady Hoke

So after the Buckeyes put big, bumbling Brady out of his misery Saturday, I actually hope those in charge of hiring the next “Michigan Man” make a good hire.  Let’s be honest, a battle of #1 vs #2 that occurred for “The Game” in 2006 is a lot more fun than what we will probably see for the 111th meeting between the two teams.

So, let’s get to Saturday.  In all honesty, this should not be much of a game.  The Buckeyes are superior in every way–talent, coaching and motivation.  The theory has already been floated out there that this game will be a way for Michigan players to rally for Brady akin to how Ohio State players rallied for Earle Bruce in 1987.  In fact, Sporting News proposed such a scenario HERE.  But does this Michigan squad have any reason to rally around Brady?  Remember, this is the coach who sent QB Shane Morris back into a game with a concussion.  Prized recruits are even bailing on UM, so I find it hard to believe this squad is looking to hoist Brady on their shoulders after an emotional win.  Quite frankly, who wants to lift that load anyway?

That being said, it is a RIVALRY GAME and we also thought Ohio State would destroy Indiana & we saw what happened there— a struggle for about two and a half quarters until the Buckeyes and Jalin Marshall decided to ball.  Of course, the issue of “style points” will rear it’s ugly head again to impress Condi and the College Football Playoff Committee…so get ready for the cries of “We need to beat these guys by 40-50 points!!!” to ring throughout the city this week.

Now, let’s get to the fun of “Beat Michigan Week”; there will be a lot of enjoyable events leading up to “The Game”!
beat m
First of which is Torg & Elliott’s “Beat *ichgan Breakfast Club” on Wednesday, November 26th at Flannagan’s Dublin!  $4.96 gets you a breakfast buffet, an opportunity to play former Buckeyes in beer pong and a chance to win tickets to “The Game”! Plus, the first 96 through the door get a “Torg & Elliott” t-shirt!  Get more details HERE!

Friday, November 28th it’s the annual “Earle Bruce Beat Michigan Tailgate”. The Tailgate will run from 10:30am – 1:30pm and feature lively Buckeye music, videos of past OSU vs. Michigan games and a silent auction of Buckeye memorabilia. Coach Meyer will make an appearance to get everyone fired up to cheer the Bucks to victory!  Get more info about this wonderful event to benefit the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease HERE.

Last but not least, the “Dead Schembechlers” return to the stage for a 2014 edition of their “Hate Michigan Rally” later that Friday Night.  Not familiar with the band?  You better get familiar before they slap the taste out of your mouth.  They preach hatred of all things Michigan and try to educate everyone about the “International Wolverine Conspiracy”.
They also play the catchy ditty “Bomb Ann Arbor Now!”

Get more info about the “Hate Michigan Rally” & the “Sons of Woody” HERE and before you get your panties in a bunch, the band has donated proceeds of past rallies to the Bo Schembechler Heart of A Champion Fund,

So there you go…all you need to know about “Beat Michigan” Week.  Remember to stick with 955 The Game all week long as Torg (12-1p) & The Stiller Project (4-6p) talk about and take your calls & texts on “The Game”!  Go Bucks!

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?


Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson is filing for bankruptcy.  The sad part of this story is that it is his parents who led him to this juncture in his life.  Johnson gave power of attorney to his mother, Tina, in 2011 before he signed his 7 year, $30.5 million deal with the Jackets.  Because of reckless spending and high interest loans, Jack now finds himself with assets of less than $50,000 and total debts of more than $10 million.

Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch details this sad story here- http://bluejacketsxtra.dispatch.com/content/stories/2014/11/20/blind-sided.html

During this Holiday Season, think of those less fortunate.  Think about throwing Jack a few “bones” next time you watch a Blue Jackets game at Nationwide Arena.

The Many Faces of Thad Matta

Ohio State Basketball is back for another season on the hardcourt and it means another season of “The Many Faces Of Thad Matta”….

“Torg said what about me???”

“Something stinks in here…and I don’t mean Buck-I-Guy….”

“Must remember….to….drop….a….deuce at….halftime….”

“We can be friends.  As long as you keep that annoying Jay Bilas away from me.”

“How did all of those fatheads of Richard Simmons get into the student section?  Hell if I know!!”

And of course, we all know that Thad loves his chewing gum…

The Torg Is Back! 12-1p Weekdays! Sound The Alarm!

In case you have been under a rock or in a self-induced McRib coma, Columbus has been celebrating the “Return of The Torg” to CBus Sports Radio on 95.5 The Game every weekday from 12-1p with replays at 6p!

Here are some of the rave reviews from twitter-

@oconnor129 “So great to hear back doing a sports show! Been great on mornings, but nobody is better at sports talk!”
@SPietrykowski “I forgot what is like to laugh with sports talk until today!”
@Jeff255609 “Awesome show today. Glad to hear your grainy voice back on the air.”
@themensign “Great show and please leave it the unnamed torg show.”
@bynum9photo “Please bring back Jim Rome to the 12-3 pm slot.”
Wait, how did that make it in here??? Get out of here, slappy!
Did you miss the first show of Torg’s return to Columbus Sports Radio or want to hear it again? Here you go—

Hottest Cleveland Browns Fans!

The Cleveland Browns throttled the Cincinnati Bengals 24-3 for the “Battle of Ohio” during primetime on Thursday Night Football and currently find themselves tied for First Place in the AFC North!

You know how we celebrate…with the Hottest Cleveland Browns Fans!

Beer and Babes? Yes, PLEASE!!!

We have fallen in love with this NFL Analyst…

No if ands or “butts” that the Browns are the hottest team in the AFC North right now…

This Browns fan makes a nice “tee”…

You don’t have to take your top off to prove how big of a Browns fan you are…but hey, we won’t argue…

We would love to sit next to these rabid Browns fans….
Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns

This Browns fan ain’t no “Dawg”…but she is welcome in the “Dawg Pound”!

We hope these lovely Browns fans and YOU remember, 95.5 The Game is YOUR Columbus Home of the Cleveland Browns!! Be sure to TURN DOWN the sound on your TV and TURN UP 95.5 The Game!

Lauren Hill: An Inspiration

Lauren Hill is a terminally ill young woman with inoperable brain cancer and a collegiate athlete who had one wish, to play in a college basketball game.  On Sunday, November 2nd she got that wish playing for Division III Mount St. Joesph in Cincinnati’s Cintas Center before a sellout crowd.

Thank you to CBS Evening News for this video-

Trends vs Tradition

buckeyes night

A “firestorm” has been burning about the Buckeyes during The BIG Show with Matt Finkes.  Is it about the conservative play calling during the Penn State game?  Is it about what Urban Meyer should do when Braxton Miller returns next season?  Is it about the ranking for the Buckeyes in the inaugural College Football Playoff poll?

No.  It is about “Trends vs. Tradition”.

ESPN did a “tour” of Urban Meyer’s office and our friends at Eleven Warriors spotted (thanks to them for the picture) an alternate all black Ohio State jersey was left pictured on a table.

As Matt has stated, this isn’t a mistake.  It was left out there for a reason.  The main reason?  Recruiting.  Alternate jerseys are all the rage.  You probably can thank our friends at the University of Oregon for this.  There is nothing that seems to catch a young football player’s eye more than a new “Pro Combat” Uniform from Nike.  Of course, Nike wins as well because they can sell replicas of these jerseys in team and sporting goods stores.

Is this beneath a school of Ohio State’s stature to “pander” to recruits by agreeing to wear alternate jerseys?
Matt stated how he is ok with the Buckeyes wearing “throwbacks” to honor a team of Ohio State’s past, like the 1942 jerseys they wore in 2010 vs. Michigan but he is vehemently against “wearing alternate jerseys for alternate jerseys sake”.  Matt also wonders why we are pandering to the whims of a “16 year old snot nosed kid”.  (Hey, if you wan’t to call Matt an “old man”, that’s on you).

Then the subject of night games at Ohio Stadium came up.  It seems like in recent years the number of Ohio State Football Night Games has increased. Why in the hell are the Buckeyes playing an opponent like Illinois under the lights?  It used to be that night games were reserved for special opponents like UCLA or Penn State, not fodder like the Illini.  Also, why is the Ohio State vs. Michigan game now played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving?  It used to always be on the Saturday before Turkey Day.  The answer, pure and simple….money.  With more broadcast and cable networks needing content, more time slots need filled.  So a game that normally used to be a 1:30pm kickoff at Ohio Stadium fills a prime-time slot.

What’s your opinion on all of this?
Are you a fan of trends?  Do you like the idea of alternate jerseys and more night games?
What about games on different nights for Ohio State?  Thursday Night Games, for instance?

Are you a fan of tradition?  Would you like the Buckeyes to stick to the Scarlet & Gray jerseys?
Do you want games against “lesser opponents” like Illinois and the University of Cincinnati to kickoff at 1:30pm?

Have Your Ordered Your 2015 “Boys Of T-Row” Calendar?


In July of 2014, THE Ohio State University fired TBDBITL Director Jon Waters for allowing a “sexualized culture” within the band.  Many rallied in Waters’ defense saying he was trying to clean up years of such a culture and was made a scapegoat. Waters even filed suit against the school for being terminated.  Well, Ohio State fired back against Waters and as part of it’s response it produced this, The “Boys of T-Row” (T for trumpets) Calendar.  It was marked “For Jon Waters’ eyes only” but now it’s there for all of us to see.  So, how does this affect Waters’ lawsuit and maybe more importantly, how does this affect the “We Stand With Jon Waters” supporters?





We know they do great shows at Ohio Stadium but does this change your opinion and view of The Ohio State Marching Band?

America’s Stupidest SuperFans!

f you have been watching the World Series there is no doubt you have noticed “Marlins Man”, the Marlins “SuperFan” who travels to major sporting events wearing his Marlins gear to promote his favorite team.  While he may be well intended, he has annoyed many by “crashing” the party with his garish orange.

In his “honor” we proudly present America’s Stupidest SuperFans!

Uh, dude….the “Force” is NOT with you.  You are tarnishing Peyton Manning’s legacy with this “get up”.broncos

Me-OUCH!  This Panthers SuperFan is not intimidating anyone with his “Feline Fashion”….
2004 Olympics

This Colorado Rams fan is….is….uh, we can’t fathom what the hell this dude is supposed to be….

Please put your tongue back in your mouth, Georgia SuperFan…you are not Miley Cyrus…

This Raiders SuperFan needs to go back to the “home”…

Yo, Seahawks SuperFan!  “Do You Lift?”
Super Bowl Football

Once again we ask—“What the f–k is this supposed to be???”  We thought Syracuse kids were smart…

This Steelers SuperFan is “SuperMan”! Or is it “SuperDouche”?

Speaking of Superheroes…these UNC SuperFans appear to be “The Legion of SuperDorks”…

Of course, we have to end with a “Michigan Man”.  Please, someone…call an exterminator.


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