“Made In New York” Starring Derek Jeter

America’s love affair with Derek Jeter continues as he winds down his Yankees and Major League Baseball career.
Gatorade has created a commercial that continues the tributes to “The Captain”.

How does it measure up to Nike’s “Re2pect” Tribute?

No Jesus & No Peace For RGIII?


The bad news just kept coming for Robert Griffin III (RGIII), not only did he suffer another in a line of  injuries during the Redskins game on September 14th vs. the Jaguars, he also was involved in a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

RGIII entered the interview room after the game wearing a t-shirt that read “Know Jesus; Know Peace” with the K & W blacked out on the shirt.  Before he stepped to the podium for interviews, he was told by NFL Uniform Inspector Tony McGee to turn his t-shirt inside out because it wasn’t a Nike product, which RGIII complied with.  However, other players including LB Ryan Kerrigan stood at the podium in non-Nike gear.

It should be noted RGIII did willingly comply with the request to turn his t-shirt out.  But what’s the deal here?  Is the NFL practicing some sort of religious censorship?

“Stay Out Of The Hall, Pete Rose!”

Cincinnati Reds Legend Pete Rose is no one to shy from publicity and he is playing up his ban from Major League Baseball and the Baseball Hall of Fame in a new commercial for Skechers.  Give it a view, it’s pretty funny!

Welcome Back The NFL with The Web’s Hottest Cheerleaders!

The 2014 NFL Season has begun and what better way to welcome it back than with the Hottest Cheerleaders on the Web!!!

Hear that Bengal Growling?  Or is it something else?



We would never ‘abandon ship’ if this hot Buccaneer Cheerleader were ‘on board’…



They say it is always lovely in San Diego…we do agree…



How ’bout them Cowboys!? Or in this case, Cowgirls…



Oh My…..ami!!!

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins


The football may not be so good in Jacksonville…but these hotties help…



Oakland’s finest Raiderette makes it all OK in “Raider Nation”.



Some may not like the name of the team in DC…but everyone loves the lovely ladies on the sidelines…



The “Welcoming Committee” in Houston is very hospitable…



Take me to a better place…Tennessee…


Enjoy the 2014 NFL Season!!!

Time to Revamp The Reds

San Diego Padres v Cincinnati Reds
The “window of opportunity” for the Cincinnati Reds has closed. In fact, it closed when they choked and lost Game 5 of the NLDS in 2012 vs the San Francisco Giants. The team should have fired Dusty Baker after that season and gone after a solid managerial candidate such as Terry Francona. This year’s team has been horribly decimated by injury, yes that’s true, but it is also apparent this team has once again rolled over and died.   I believe it is because they are hearing the same voice (via current manager Bryan Price) that they heard in the previous regime (Baker’s).  Looking back at it now, it is obvious that the organization went the ‘safe route’ by elevating Price as manager instead of doing a comprehensive search for a manager who would hold his players accountable.

Jay Bruce

As far as what this organization needs to do going forward…it needs to begin an overhaul. It needs to trade valuable pieces so that they are used to rebuild a minor league system that is in shambles.  Even those who have been elevated to the big league club that have had some semblance of success this season can be called into question.  RP Jumbo Diaz and 2B Kris Negron have done well but are minor league ‘lifers’ who can not be counted on to continue to help.   I would strongly consider trading players such as horribly overrated RF Jay Bruce who never fulfills his supposed ‘potential’, superstar closer Aroldis Chapman & starting pitchers Mat Latos and Mike Leake to make this happen.

A year ago, I would have been dead set against the trading of Chapman.  I now realize how overrated the closer position is in Major League Baseball.  I also realize that the Reds made a mistake in not turning such a talent into a starting pitcher.  Time to try and see what value you can get in return for him before he begins eating up salary.   I also get frustrated when fellow Reds fans suggest they try to deal players like Chris Heisey, Ryan Ludwick and Zack Cozart….what other MLB organization would want those players? Also, there is no hope in trading Joey Votto and/or Brandon Phillips unless the Reds want to eat a significant portion of their contracts and we all know that will not happen.  The Reds need to do something to avoid becoming a team like the Philadelphia Phillies; a collection of aged, injured and past their prime players who are bleeding the organization’s payroll.

Buckeyes Football Is Back! Hallelujah!

Another season of Buckeyes Football is upon us and we are stoked!  If you live in Ohio and aren’t jacked by the beginning of another season of Ohio State gridiron action, you need to have your head checked.







THE TEAM (Thank You to Eleven Warriors for the “Hype Video”)


Even with Braxton Miller out, it should be a great season.  Enjoy it, Buckeyes fans.

Can You Be A NFL Fan And Not Like Fantasy Football?


I am a ‘baseball guy’, no denying it…I love “America’s Pastime”.  But I am also a HUGE NFL Fan.  I love every aspect of it.  I love spending a cold, winter Sunday burrowing in and watching a full day of action on the gridiron.  I love the NFL RedZone Channel and when I get the chance to take in “Sunday Ticket” at a friend’s house or a local ‘watering hole’, I revel in it.  I also love what the NFL brings as far as a viewing experience; television wise and online.  There is no doubt the NFL is the best sport to watch on TV.

But I have a confession…I HATE Fantasy Football.  I know that is sacrilegious to even say.  I know that most of the things I stated that  I love in the first paragraph are because of the popularity of Fantasy Football.  I am full aware of the revenue Fantasy Football generates.  NFL Teams themselves are making their stadiums ‘Fantasy Football Friendly’ to get butts in seats.  Hell, there is even a sitcom about a Fantasy Football League.

But I can’t stand it.  I hate the idea of rooting for a player who may be playing against my favorite team for ‘points’.  It seems self-defeating to me.  Plus, I can’t lie…I am lazy.  The idea of spending time putting together a roster, working a draft, making trades and monitoring a ‘waiver wire’ does not appeal to me at all.  I like watching the NFL and rooting for my favorite team, not running a damn team.
I know I am one voice in the wilderness.  But here’s an idea…why don’t you put down your laptops, delete your fantasy apps, recycle your draft guides and try just rooting for your favorite team?

5 Reasons We Really Love The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Of course we love the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for how it raises money and awareness in the fight against the dreaded disease, but we love it for these reasons as well…






We need an ice bucket of water to cool us off after watching those.  Learn more about the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and how you can help in the fight against ALS here- http://www.alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html





Tony Stewart: “Tragedy At The Track”

On the evening of Saturday, August 9th a terrible tragedy occurred at the Canandaigua Motorsports Park in Ontario County, New York.  Kevin Ward Jr., a 20 year old sprint car driver got tangled up in an accident with NASCAR Superstar Tony Stewart who was making a special appearance at the track.  After the accident, which left his car against the outer wall, Ward decided to get out of the car and ‘confront’ Stewart.  Gesturing wildly and angrily going into traffic as it passed by on a caution lap, Ward was struck by Tony’s car and thrown to the ground after being hit.

Video of the incident can be seen here– (WARNING: This video is graphic)

It is well known by NASCAR fans that “Smoke” has a temper.  He has been involved in numerous incidents and confrontations with many fellow drivers.  Remember the notorious incident where Stewart exited his wrecked car to throw a helmet at Matt Kenseth’s car as it sped by?

Is this a case of Tony trying to scare a young driver who dared to confront the great “Smoke” and having it go horribly wrong or is this just an accident?  Many have said that Ward should have known better to exit his car while other vehicles are still going around on the track.  Others also have made mention of Ward being in a dark jumpsuit in the middle of cars on a not so well-lit dirt track.  Currently, authorities say there are no criminal charges pending against Stewart.

What say you?  Is this a case of a hot-headed NASCAR Superstar’s arrogance going horribly out of control or just a sad, unfortunate accident?

What’s The Deal Between Ohio State & UC Fans?

osu uc

I am a Columbus, Ohio resident & native and have many friends in and around the Cincinnati area.  When it comes to the Reds and Bengals we are united…but when the topic shifts to The Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati things change drastically.  The topic has reared its head again as the Buckeyes and Bearcats will renew ‘hostilities’ (?) in football this season on September 27th at Ohio Stadium.  Why is there such a rift between the schools and their fan bases?  Is it because Buckeye fans are too arrogant? Do Bearcat fans have an ‘inferiority complex’?  Is it because Ohio State is the ‘state school’ and UC is the ‘little brother’?  Is it because the ‘Men of Scarlet & Gray’ play in the superior Big Ten Conference while the ‘Men of the Queen City’ play in…..remind me, what conference do they play in again?  Is it because the Buckeyes (even with the latest controversy) have The Best Damn Band In The Land while the Bearcats…..does UC have a band?

I know, I know UC fans that your basketball team beat Ohio State for a national championship in the stone ages but for the most part, Ohio State is completely superior and dominant when it comes to collegiate athletics.  I also have heard UC fans cry about how the Buckeye Athletic Department is ‘ducking’ or ‘avoiding’ University of Cincinnati when it comes to playing football or basketball.  Well, it serves no purpose for the Buckeyes to play the Bearcats at the inadequate Nippert Stadium or Fifth Third Arena.  Programs are trying to make money and for Ohio State to play UC in those facilities is a losing proposition.

Urban Meyer has also made it know he wants to “own Cincinnati recruiting wise” and this is inevitable.  Like a good friend of mine (Charles Damron) says, “The University of Cincinnati is fourth in its own city when it comes to College Football.  Ohio State, Notre Dame and Michigan rank higher than UC.”  Is he wrong?  I say no.  The funniest thing to come out of the anger and frustration of UC fan being jealous of OSU fan is that I have been able to get a Bearcats fan to bet me on the upcoming football match-up.  No points, straight up!  This will be like taking candy from a baby.  I have even offered to ‘twerk’ on Cincinnati’s Fountain Square if the Buckeyes were to lose.  This is how certain I am that UC has NO chance.

Being that I have many friends who are from the Queen City, it would be nice if we could ‘bury the hatchet’ and get along when it comes to College Football & Basketball.  If we could join hands and sing “Kumbaya”….HA HA HA…..WHO AM I KIDDING?  I HAVE NO DESIRE TO DO SUCH A THING!  In fact, here is my message from one fan of THE Ohio State University to UC fans….


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