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FS1:Where Dreams Go To Die

Fox Sports 1 or as it is now more commonly known as, FS1, has been making some news recently with its hires of former ESPN “Hot Take Artists” Jason Whitlock & Skip Bayless. One has to wonder if FS1 learned its lesson with the much ballyhooed hiring of noted shit stirrer Colin Cowherd last summer.

Cowherd brought some initial heat for the network at first but since has become buried in the sports talk landscape.  Cowherd is consistently beaten by programming on NBCSN, MLB Network and CBS Sports Network, all of which are seen in far fewer homes.  On a related note, are any radio stations (other than in LA) airing the simulcast of “The Herd”? It seems like when given a choice between Rich Eisen and Cowherd, most Fox Sports Radio affiliates are taking Eisen.
whitlessIn what seems like desperation, FS1 has announced that Cowherd & Whitlock will debut a new show on June 13th where they will debate each other daily.  Sounds like something to avoid.

FS1 started out with grandeur after taking over what was once known as Speed.  You remember the Speed Network, right?  You should, since it got better ratings than what is now FS1.  In fact, one of the few popular shows on FS1 is “Nascar Race Hub” which came over from Speed.

Even FS1’s answer to “SportsCenter”, “Fox Sports Live” was a unmitigated disaster. Hosted by two smartassed Canadians, Jay Onrait & Dan O’Toole, it boasted an analyst roster ranging from Andy Roddick to Randy Moss…all of which gave “hot takes” on everything.  Yes, Andy Roddick attempted to talk NFL Football.

The show eventually morphed into the two Canucks showing clips and making jokes from a storage closet.

Even Regis Philbin, yes Reege, hosted a show on FS1.

I hope Cowherd, Bayless and Whitlock enjoy their financial windfalls.  Because they just sentenced themselves to “Hot Take Siberia” by joining the rolling tumbleweed known as FS1.


What Are Your New Years Sports Resolutions?


It’s the beginning of a New Year and with that time once again for each of us to make our New Years  Resolutions.

What are your ‘Sports Resolutions’ for 2016?
Is it to be a better fan of your teams?
Is it to be more critical of your teams?
Is it to actually get off the couch and participate in a sport?
Is it to lessen your sports spectating?
Is it to watch more sports?
Is it to ‘cut the cord’ and go to more streaming services to watch sports?
Is it to give up on sports altogether?
Is it to maybe start watching and following a new sport?
Is it to maybe help in coaching youth sports?

Feel free to share your New Years ‘Sports Resolutions’ with us and tell us how you do as the year progresses.  The Sports Bus cares.

RAW Is CBus!

The Superstars of the WWE invaded Columbus as Monday Night RAW hit The Schottenstein Center on February 9th.
In fact, our very own Torg & Ben Axelrod had the privilege of talking with Roman Reigns on air earlier in the day.
You can listen to Torg & Ben talk WWE, Royal Rumble, the upcoming FastLane & WrestleMania HERE.

A packed house was on hand at The Schott as the “Road to WrestleMania” traveled through the Capital City!

RAW began with another angle to salvage the Roman Reigns storyline that began to unravel at Royal Rumble.  Reigns & Daniel Bryan were put into tag team action against the Big Show & Kane.  Of course, this was just another way to create more friction between Roman and Mr. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”.

Ryback then proceeded to get his ass kicked by Seth Rollins.  It took a long time for the loser (who actually won by DQ) to get back up in the ring.


Then it was time for everyone to take a bathroom break or to grab a beer & pretzel as the Divas entered the ring.

For those who care, Paige defeated Brie Bella.  They are pretty to look at…

The “commie” Rusev then entered the ring with the lovely Lana to deliver a ‘tribute’ to John Cena.
Rusev actually got off a few funny zingers at Cena….if you could understand them through his thick, fake accent.

Bray Wyatt made his unique and spooky entrance to battle Dolph Ziggler.


he “Showoff” suffered another loss at the hands of Wyatt.  Is Ziggler in the WWE “dog house”?

“Master of the Microphone” Paul Heyman then delivered a “FastLane” address on behalf of his client, Brock Lesnar.
Heyman hilariously laid out the reasons why Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan should just forget any thoughts about defeating the “Beast Incarnate” at WrestleMania.

The Stardust/Goldust saga continued afterward….we apologize for no pictures, we took a “pee break” at this point.

Then Triple H demanded an answer from Sting as to whether he would accept his challenge to meet face-to-face at FastLane.  A buzz fell over the crowd at The Schott.  “Is Sting here?”  “Are we going to see the icon in person???”  Ok, so it was actually ‘Fake Sting’ who appeared, but it still was a very cool segment.

The Usos then faced Tyson Kidd & Cesaro in a very boring match but it was followed by the very cool announcement that the legendary Rikishi will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The very entertaining Miz/Mizdow storyline continued as Damien Mizdow faced Sin Cara with The Miz sitting in a director’s chair at ringside trying to do everything possible to sabotage his personal assistant’s attempt to win the match.  The Miz and crowd even got into a chant battle regarding “Columbus vs Cleveland”.

Then it was time for Curtis Axel to jump in the ring to yammer about #AxelMania but the unstable Dean Ambrose put an end to that nonsense.

Unfortunately for Ambrose, Bad News Barrett put the brakes on Dean’s party.

The show ended with more friction for Reigns & Bryan as they were pitted in a 5 on 2 match vs. Seth Rollins, Big Show, Kane and J & J Security.  It turned into a free-for-all (imagine that) with many superstars getting involved.  It all ended with Reigns delivering a spear to Bryan and creating more friction heading into FastLane & WrestleMania.

Now for those of you viewing at home that is where the show ended.  But those at The Schott got a bonus as Daniel Bryan “recovered” after the Reigns spear to deliver an ass whooping to Jamie Noble of J&J Security.

It is always exciting and fun when the WWE rolls into town.
We are sure it will be a packed house at Nationwide Arena when they return June 14th for Money In The Bank!!