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Is PacMan Jones Above The Law?

Bengals cornerback Adam “PacMan” Jones is not exactly someone you would call a “Model Citizen”.  He has had numerous scrapes with the law.  Adam has been charged in the past with the following– assault, felony vandalism, marijuana possession, felony & misdemeanor counts of obstruction of justice, felony coercion, battery, misdemeanor count of threat to life and conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct.  Jones was also suspended by the NFL in 2008 for violating the league’s Code of Conduct.

On January 2nd, 2017, Adam was involved in a bizarre incident.  Jones was at Cincinnati’s Millennium Hotel & according to prosecutors was “beating on different hotel room doors.” Prosecutors also say Adam pushed and poked a hotel security employee in the eye after they came to investigate.

A 911 call was made from the hotel and a police dispatch log says the phone was apparently dropped and “a lot of…arguing” could be heard.  Jones was eventually arrested…which led to this disturbing video…

It is also alleged that Jones spit on a jail nurse that evening.  What’s particularly puzzling is that Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters now discredits the jail nurse’s accusation, claiming that the nurse, Tammy Hopkins, is trying to squeeze money out of Adam Jones and the Bengals.  Hopkins denies the accusation & is upset by Deters’ inaction regarding Jones.

Even more odd is that Deters said he is unsure about prosecuting Jones & will wait to see what punishment, if any, the NFL will take against Jones.  He also said that Jones has entered anger management & alcohol-related treatment.

WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?  If Adam Jones broke the law, he should be prosecuted….and why are the Bengals being so quiet about this???  Just look at the tape of Jones in the police cruiser.  That should be enough.  Bengals Owner Mike Brown needs to grow some stones and do what is right….and that is to GET RID OF PACMAN JONES.

Do what is right for the Cincinnati community & law enforcement.  Get rid of this menace.


A Tale Of Two Quarterbacks


It won’t be long before NFL Training Camps open and when it comes to the quarterback position for the Bengals and Browns things couldn’t be more different….or is it?

Dalton is one of four quarterbacks in NFL history to have thrown for over 3,000 yards in each of his first three seasons, alongside Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck as well as just one of five to have passed for at least 20 touchdowns in each of his first three seasons, joining Manning, Luck, Russell Wilson, and Dan Marino. Dalton is the only quarterback to lead the Cincinnati Bengals to four consecutive playoff berths, and just one of five quarterbacks to lead his team to the playoffs in each of his first four seasons. He is also the Bengals franchise record holder for passing yards and touchdowns in a season.

Under a West Coast-style offensive scheme, Dalton and receiver A.J. Green, the Bengals’ 2011 first-round selection from the University of Georgia, have become a prolific quarterback/receiver combination.  Dalton and Green broke NFL records for completions and yards for a rookie quarterback/receiver combination, even without the benefit of an offseason.

However, in the playoffs, it is a different story for “The Red Rifle”…

Andy Dalton in the Playoffs
Date Opponent Result Comp. Att. Comp.% Yds. TD INT
Jan. 7, 2012 @ HOU L, 31-10 27 42 64.3 257 0 3
Jan. 5, 2013 @ HOU L, 19-13 14 30 46.7 127 0 1
Jan. 5, 2014 vs. SD L, 27-10 29 51 56.9 334 1 2
Jan. 4, 2015 @ IND L, 26-10 18 35 52.4 155 0 0
Total 0-4 88 158 55.7 873 1 6

via &

In Cleveland, calling Johnny Manziel’s rookie season a “dumpster fire” would be complimentary.  Drafted with the 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, “Johnny Football” came to the Browns organization with much fanfare and excitement.

On August 22, 2014, he was fined $12,000 by the NFL for a hand gesture (flipping the bird) that he made in a preseason loss to the Washington Redskins.  Fellow quarterback Brian Hoyer was named the starter over Manziel for the opening regular season game.

Manziel made his regular season debut on September 14, 2014 against the New Orleans Saints, handing off twice to Isaiah Crowell and throwing an incomplete pass intended for Ray Agnew.  On November 30, 2014, Manziel entered the game against the Buffalo Bills during the fourth quarter after an ineffective performance by starting quarterback Brian Hoyer. Manziel went 5 of 8 for 63 yards, and scored his first NFL touchdown on a 10-yard rush in the fourth quarter. The Browns lost 26–10.

Manziel made his first NFL start in the Browns’ Week 15 game against the Cincinnati Bengals.  Manziel completed 10-of-18 passes for 80 yards and two interceptions for a 27.3 passer rating while being sacked three times. The Browns lost 30-0.

Manziel completed three of eight passes in his second career start against the Carolina Panthers on December 21, 2014. He left the game with a hamstring injury with less than two minutes remaining in the first half and was replaced by Brian Hoyer. The Browns went on to lose 17-13.

Manziel was ruled out for the Browns’ regular season finale against the Baltimore Ravens.

Overall, Manziel completed 18-of-35 passes for 176 yards and two interceptions, and rushed nine times for 29 yards and one touchdown. Manziel’s work ethic and commitment was questioned by over 20 sources within the Cleveland Browns. An anonymous player even called Manziel’s rookie season a “100 percent joke.” 

On Wednesday, February 4, Manziel checked himself into an unknown rehabilitation center for treatment related to an alcohol addiction.  

After exiting rehab, Manziel declared he would be getting rid of his “Money Sign” celebration.

But are both situations really that much different?  Both quarterbacks enter their respective seasons under much fire from their fanbases.  Dalton for being unable to lead the Bengals to a playoff win and Manziel for just being a flameout.

Will things change for both or either?
Keep it on 955 The Game and find out!  We are YOUR Home for the Browns & NFL Football in Columbus!!

Memes For Manziel

To say Johnny Manziel’s regular season NFL debut as Cleveland Browns starting quarterback was a disaster would be generous.  “Johnny Football” finished 10-of-18 for 80 yards, with two picks. Manziel also rushed five times for 13 yards as the Cincinnati Bengals rolled 30-0 for Round 2 of 2014’s “Battle Of Ohio” in Cleveland.  The loss basically sounded the death knell for any chance of the Brownies making the playoffs this season.

But there is a silver lining.  A performance of such horrific quality guarantees the internet will generate hilarious memes and of course, we can’t help but share…

From our friends @Boones_Goons on twitter…




Jeremy Thompson on facebook…


Joshua Arnold

Too many shares to credit…

Jed Hirsch

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Welcome Back The NFL with The Web’s Hottest Cheerleaders!

The 2014 NFL Season has begun and what better way to welcome it back than with the Hottest Cheerleaders on the Web!!!

Hear that Bengal Growling?  Or is it something else?



We would never ‘abandon ship’ if this hot Buccaneer Cheerleader were ‘on board’…



They say it is always lovely in San Diego…we do agree…



How ’bout them Cowboys!? Or in this case, Cowgirls…



Oh My…..ami!!!

Oakland Raiders v Miami Dolphins


The football may not be so good in Jacksonville…but these hotties help…



Oakland’s finest Raiderette makes it all OK in “Raider Nation”.



Some may not like the name of the team in DC…but everyone loves the lovely ladies on the sidelines…



The “Welcoming Committee” in Houston is very hospitable…



Take me to a better place…Tennessee…


Enjoy the 2014 NFL Season!!!

5 Reasons We Really Love The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Of course we love the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for how it raises money and awareness in the fight against the dreaded disease, but we love it for these reasons as well…






We need an ice bucket of water to cool us off after watching those.  Learn more about the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and how you can help in the fight against ALS here-





Playoff loss still stings for Bengals fans

The sadness/bitterness/anger that has swept across the Bengals fanbase this week is not showing any signs of letting up.  On the team’s official Facebook page, a question was posted asking fans to list their favorite memory of the 2013 season.

Here are a few…

  • When Gruden accepted the Redskins job
  • When they fired Marvin Lewis!  Oh wait…
  • That one time Andy Dalton didn’t throw 3 interceptions a game
  • When the Chargers embarrassed us at home, nullified the entire season
  • Getting let down yet once again in the playoffs, I love it!!
  • When Marvin Lewis was fired.  Oh, that’s right that was only a pleasant dream.
  • When we were teased with a contender.
  • Still waiting on it…the firing of Marvin Lewis.
  • Watching us choke in the playoffs again
  • When Dalton triumphed over pressure and adversity.  Oh wait, that didn’t happen.
  • This is too soon.  I am still mourning.
  • Well it sure wasn’t the playoff game I went to.

Read it for yourself.  It goes on and on and on…

One & Done Ain’t No Fun / Is Marvin the ‘new’ Dusty?

marvin So, the Bengals lost in the first round of the NFL Playoffs AGAIN.  Are you really surprised?  Did the outcome Sunday really shock you?  It was obvious “Who Dey Nation” was skeptical about the game…you did hear about how hard it was to sell the game out, didn’t you?  Another ‘Big’ Game under a national spotlight and once again, the Bengals laid a big egg….or turd, depending on how angry you may be.

I have made the comparison lately that Marvin Lewis has become the ‘new’ Dusty Baker.  Some have dismissed it, others have at least considered it.  Hear me out…obviously Marvin is a good coach…of course, he knows the game and has been successful enough to reach a level many strive for; head coach of a NFL team.  But it has become glaringly apparent he has no ‘effect’ on the Bengals players anymore…no passion, no enthusiasm, no accountability and yes, no ‘sense of urgency’ is being conveyed upon the squad.  Just like the Reds, the Bengals are a VERY talented team and yes, that does include Andy Dalton.  But when it comes time to ‘step up’, time to take that ‘next step’, they fail…..miserably.  And just like the Reds, rumor has it that Bengals brass is trying to hang onto a ‘second in charge’, defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, to eventually supplant Lewis as the ‘man in charge’.

Some in the Queen City have called it being “Bungalized”, being assimilated into the acceptance of mediocrity that the Bengals and even to an extent, Reds have acquired.  Hopefully, for Cincy fans like myself, Bryan Price can get the Reds over that ‘hump’…and yes, I also believe it is time for the Bengals to take similar action and make a change at Head Coach.

It’s been long enough

As Cincinnati returns to the playoffs this weekend, I decided to take a trip down memory lane. The last time the Bengals won a playoff game was January 6, 1991 against the Houston Oilers. It was also the first Bengals game I ever attended.

My family had been to Riverfront Stadium many times to see the Cincinnati Reds. It was really weird to see the field transformed into a football field. The lower level of seats, or “blue seats”, had been shifted around to make the playing area more suitable for football. At the time, I had no idea those sections of seats could even move. The white paint on the Astroturf had changed from baselines to yard lines. Dad and I made our way to the upper deck or “red seats”. We were right under the scoreboard, just a few rows from the very top.

I learned very quickly that the atmosphere for a football game was quite different than baseball. The intensity and excitement was incredible! I can remember a guy sitting near us screaming, “Holman! Holman!” as Tight End Rodney Holman raced down the sideline. Quarterback Boomer Esiason complied with the fan’s wishes and connected with his tight end for a big gain and the rout was on. The Bengals jumped out to a 34-0 lead in the third quarter en route to a 41-14 victory. Esiason, running backs Ickey Woods and Eric Ball each rushed for a touchdown. Kicker Jim Breech kicked two field goals. Running Back Harold Green and Tight End/Wide Receiver Eric Kattus each caught a touchdown pass from Esiason.

The Bengals ended up losing the following week against the Raiders, but the experience I had caused me to frequent Riverfront Stadium a lot more after the baseball season ended.

I have no idea how many Bengals games I have attended. I’ve even made road trips to Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit. My family and I are able to make it to Paul Brown Stadium at least once a year. However, I will never forget the excitement of my first Bengals game. Hopefully, the fans lucky enough to be in the seats on Sunday will be able to experience a playoff victory too. It’s been long enough.

Horrible Holiday Sports Gifts


Christmas is only a few days away…so what better time to review what NOT to get that sports fan on your Christmas list?  First of all, keychains—really, a keychain???  Unless it contains a key to a suite in my favorite team’s arena or stadium…stuff it, Grandpa.


Second, magnets and/or magnetic schedules…nothing says ‘classy’ like throwing magnets of your favorite sports team on your car or garage door.  The only acceptable sports team magnets are those which you use to pin up grocery lists or your child’s horrible art work on your refrigerator.


Third and last for now….slippers.  Nothing says “Hey, I couldn’t think of anything to buy you” or “I waited till the last minute and fished these out of the bin at WalMart” like a pair of team slippers.  You may as well just gave the gift recipient a bag of wadded up programs from their favorite team.

If you are thinking of buying a nice gift for the sports fan on your list, try some tickets or even a parking pass. Ok? Thanks.

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the gameThe Sports Bus is proud to announce that we have become part of the 95.5 The Game ‘Family!  We will be blogging not only here but also on The Game’s website!   95.5 The Game is Columbus and Ohio’s Sports Station as they are the first place Columbus and Ohio fans can talk local (Reds, Buckeyes, Bengals, Blue Jackets, Browns, Cavs and even Crew!) sports  9a-12p Weekdays on the Fn’A Show with Arch Madness, Original Buckeyes Silver Bullet Matt Finkes and Adam Sabie!  We are so proud of this partnership and the excitement it brings to both sides!!!!  Check out our first blog post  on 95.5 The Game’s website about the beat down the Cincinnati Bengals suffered vs. The Pittsburgh Steelers and its possible ‘consequences’.here-