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Would The WNBA Work In Columbus?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way.  The NBA will never come to Columbus.  The Cavs would probably have something to say about that (and to a lesser extent, the Pacers).  So why not go for the next best thing, the WNBA?  The Cavs should be receptive to that and probably would help in running a prospective franchise here.

Now before you double over in laughter, hear me out.  Columbus has a history when it comes to Professional Women’s Basketball.  The Columbus Quest of the ABL played here in Columbus from 1996-1998.  The Quest was the league’s most successful franchise & won two championships.  Over 6,000 showed up for the team’s deciding game in the 1998 ABL Championship.

The Ohio State Women’s Basketball Team also has a history of success, turning out great players like Katie Smith (who also played for the Quest) and currently, Kelsey Mitchell.
Image result for columbus quest katie smith
Let’s be honest.  Columbus has a very diverse population and an audience looking for more than just Ohio State Football these days.  I think the WNBA could carve out a fan base here. Plus, Nationwide Arena could use another tenant to fill in open dates outside of Blue Jackets hockey.

What do you think?  Could Columbus support a WNBA team?


What Are Your New Years Sports Resolutions?


It’s the beginning of a New Year and with that time once again for each of us to make our New Years  Resolutions.

What are your ‘Sports Resolutions’ for 2016?
Is it to be a better fan of your teams?
Is it to be more critical of your teams?
Is it to actually get off the couch and participate in a sport?
Is it to lessen your sports spectating?
Is it to watch more sports?
Is it to ‘cut the cord’ and go to more streaming services to watch sports?
Is it to give up on sports altogether?
Is it to maybe start watching and following a new sport?
Is it to maybe help in coaching youth sports?

Feel free to share your New Years ‘Sports Resolutions’ with us and tell us how you do as the year progresses.  The Sports Bus cares.

“Weird Al” Nails Sports Media

I am not a fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic.  The only thing of his I even remotely like is “Amish Paradise”.  Everything else of his I find rather annoying.  But I will be damned, Al & Company just perfectly captured the world of sports media in a 3:30 skit.

Watch the genius that apparently I have missed all of these years–

5 Worst Sports Movies of All Time

Just call this our version of The Oscars, only in reverse.  Here are our choices for the 5 Worst Sports Movies of All Time.

5) “For The Love of The Game” (1999)
Kevin Costner tried to recapture the magic of “Bull Durham” and “Field Of Dreams” in this baseball movie about an aging pitcher looking back on his life while trying to spin a perfect game in his final outing.  John C. Reilly is ok as Costner’s catcher and Vin Scully is featured as the game announcer but the dull scenes with Costner and Kelly Preston just drag out this horribly long snooze fest.  We would rather watch the Cleveland Indians blow another game.

4) “Any Given Sunday” (1999)
A movie directed by Oliver Stone starring Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, James Woods, Dennis Quaid and even Charlton Heston that takes on the bloat and greed of pro football….should be an epic hit, right?  Uh, no.  A dreadful bomb that at times was so schizophrenic it confused the viewer.  Also, clocking in at 2:45, it was way too long.  More bloated excess from Ollie Stone.  And what was up with those goofy uniforms?  The only highlight was watching John C. McGinley skewer Jim Rome.

3) “Caddyshack 2” (1988)
Ok, we know including this is kind of a stretch but it is about golf (kind of).  But this travesty of a film needs to be ripped.  Chevy Chase was the only star to return from the classic “Caddyshack” while Jackie Mason, Robert Stack & Dyan Cannon are pale imitations of those who made the first film a part of cinematic history.  The plot concerns something about turning Bushwood Country Club into an amusement park but does it really matter?  All of the subtlety and sarcasm of the original is lost.  Somehow, even Dan Aykroyd was talked into this piece of garbage.  Unfortunately there is no way to destroy all copies of this movie.

2) “The Babe” (1992)
John Goodman looks like Babe Ruth…so why not make a big budget movie with Goodman playing the “Sultan of Swat”?  Once again a horrible movie built around a simple premise.  All of the cliches and stereotypes about The Babe are trotted out and the movie while trying to give an edge to Babe Ruth is just overly sentimental and hokey.  Plus, let’s be honest…Goodman looks more like Fred Flinstone not Babe Ruth.

1) “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” (1979)
Never heard of this movie?  Consider yourself lucky.  A struggling Pittsburgh pro basketball team turns to astrology to change their fortunes.  So they adopt the name “Pisces” (get it, the fish?) and become wildly successful to the astonishment of the team’s star Moses Guthrie who is played by Dr. J himself, Julius Erving.  The movie definitely is a reflection of it’s time with a heavy disco theme.  It also stars comedic legends Jonathan Winters, Harry Shearer & Flip Wilson but it barely registers a laugh.  It is not only one of the worst sports movies of all time but one of the worst period.

Get ‘Hyped Up’ For LeBron & The Cavs!

The 2014-15 NBA Season should be an exciting one for Cavs fans as LeBron returns ‘home’.  Get pumped up for the season with this ‘Hype Video’ as LeBron, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love & the Cleveland Cavaliers battle for a NBA Championship!

Remember, 95.5 The Game is YOUR Columbus Home of the Cavs!

Admit It, Cleveland Fans. You Want LeBron Back.

So the Miami Heat and LeBron James are back in the NBA Finals…again.  And once again, the ‘haters’ have come back out hoping for LeBron to choke in the series and fall flat on his face.  I understand.  The way he ‘did’ Cleveland for “The Decision” was painful for Cavs fans and Cleveland in general.  It was another embarrassment for a city that has become a ‘virtual punching bag’ for jokes.

But a new wrinkle has developed; more and more it sounds like that win or lose in the Finals, the Miami Heat are interested in breaking up the “Big 3” of LeBron, Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh, which opens up the possibility of “King James” returning to his hometown team.  What a great scenario for LeBron to challenge Michael Jordan as the “Greatest Of All Time” than back in Cleveland.

Now, I can hear a great majority of Cleveland fans already as they read this.  “Hell No!  Stay away, LeBron!”  “You betrayed us!  We don’t want you back in our city!!!”  “Go To Hell, LeBum!  Stay in South Beach and rot!!!”  “We don’t need you, LeQueen.  We have Kyrie!!”  Come on, get real.  If LeBron James were to announce later this summer that he was returning to Cleveland, all of you would get down on bended knee and worship the “King” on his triumphant return to the North Shores of Ohio and his attempt to make amends.  Admit it, Cleveland Fans.  You want LeBron back.

A Memorial Day Tribute to Athletes Who Sacrificed for Our Country

Pat Tillman In honor of Memorial Day, we would like to pay tribute to those athletes who sacrificed  fame and fortune to serve the United States of America.  Some, sadly, paid the ultimate sacrifice of their life.  We and the Columbus Crew will also pay tribute to our Military & our brave service men and women Saturday, May 24 for Military Appreciation Night.

ted-williams-writers-photo-1  You can read more about the sacrifices star athletes such as Pat Tillman, Ted Williams, Bob Feller and Roger Staubach made in this tribute from HERE.

Please take some time this Memorial Day Weekend to pay tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our Country.