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Is PacMan Jones Above The Law?

Bengals cornerback Adam “PacMan” Jones is not exactly someone you would call a “Model Citizen”.  He has had numerous scrapes with the law.  Adam has been charged in the past with the following– assault, felony vandalism, marijuana possession, felony & misdemeanor counts of obstruction of justice, felony coercion, battery, misdemeanor count of threat to life and conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct.  Jones was also suspended by the NFL in 2008 for violating the league’s Code of Conduct.

On January 2nd, 2017, Adam was involved in a bizarre incident.  Jones was at Cincinnati’s Millennium Hotel & according to prosecutors was “beating on different hotel room doors.” Prosecutors also say Adam pushed and poked a hotel security employee in the eye after they came to investigate.

A 911 call was made from the hotel and a police dispatch log says the phone was apparently dropped and “a lot of…arguing” could be heard.  Jones was eventually arrested…which led to this disturbing video…

It is also alleged that Jones spit on a jail nurse that evening.  What’s particularly puzzling is that Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters now discredits the jail nurse’s accusation, claiming that the nurse, Tammy Hopkins, is trying to squeeze money out of Adam Jones and the Bengals.  Hopkins denies the accusation & is upset by Deters’ inaction regarding Jones.

Even more odd is that Deters said he is unsure about prosecuting Jones & will wait to see what punishment, if any, the NFL will take against Jones.  He also said that Jones has entered anger management & alcohol-related treatment.

WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?  If Adam Jones broke the law, he should be prosecuted….and why are the Bengals being so quiet about this???  Just look at the tape of Jones in the police cruiser.  That should be enough.  Bengals Owner Mike Brown needs to grow some stones and do what is right….and that is to GET RID OF PACMAN JONES.

Do what is right for the Cincinnati community & law enforcement.  Get rid of this menace.


What Are Your New Years Sports Resolutions?


It’s the beginning of a New Year and with that time once again for each of us to make our New Years  Resolutions.

What are your ‘Sports Resolutions’ for 2016?
Is it to be a better fan of your teams?
Is it to be more critical of your teams?
Is it to actually get off the couch and participate in a sport?
Is it to lessen your sports spectating?
Is it to watch more sports?
Is it to ‘cut the cord’ and go to more streaming services to watch sports?
Is it to give up on sports altogether?
Is it to maybe start watching and following a new sport?
Is it to maybe help in coaching youth sports?

Feel free to share your New Years ‘Sports Resolutions’ with us and tell us how you do as the year progresses.  The Sports Bus cares.

“Weird Al” Nails Sports Media

I am not a fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic.  The only thing of his I even remotely like is “Amish Paradise”.  Everything else of his I find rather annoying.  But I will be damned, Al & Company just perfectly captured the world of sports media in a 3:30 skit.

Watch the genius that apparently I have missed all of these years–

5 Worst Sports Movies of All Time

Just call this our version of The Oscars, only in reverse.  Here are our choices for the 5 Worst Sports Movies of All Time.

5) “For The Love of The Game” (1999)
Kevin Costner tried to recapture the magic of “Bull Durham” and “Field Of Dreams” in this baseball movie about an aging pitcher looking back on his life while trying to spin a perfect game in his final outing.  John C. Reilly is ok as Costner’s catcher and Vin Scully is featured as the game announcer but the dull scenes with Costner and Kelly Preston just drag out this horribly long snooze fest.  We would rather watch the Cleveland Indians blow another game.

4) “Any Given Sunday” (1999)
A movie directed by Oliver Stone starring Al Pacino, Jamie Foxx, James Woods, Dennis Quaid and even Charlton Heston that takes on the bloat and greed of pro football….should be an epic hit, right?  Uh, no.  A dreadful bomb that at times was so schizophrenic it confused the viewer.  Also, clocking in at 2:45, it was way too long.  More bloated excess from Ollie Stone.  And what was up with those goofy uniforms?  The only highlight was watching John C. McGinley skewer Jim Rome.

3) “Caddyshack 2” (1988)
Ok, we know including this is kind of a stretch but it is about golf (kind of).  But this travesty of a film needs to be ripped.  Chevy Chase was the only star to return from the classic “Caddyshack” while Jackie Mason, Robert Stack & Dyan Cannon are pale imitations of those who made the first film a part of cinematic history.  The plot concerns something about turning Bushwood Country Club into an amusement park but does it really matter?  All of the subtlety and sarcasm of the original is lost.  Somehow, even Dan Aykroyd was talked into this piece of garbage.  Unfortunately there is no way to destroy all copies of this movie.

2) “The Babe” (1992)
John Goodman looks like Babe Ruth…so why not make a big budget movie with Goodman playing the “Sultan of Swat”?  Once again a horrible movie built around a simple premise.  All of the cliches and stereotypes about The Babe are trotted out and the movie while trying to give an edge to Babe Ruth is just overly sentimental and hokey.  Plus, let’s be honest…Goodman looks more like Fred Flinstone not Babe Ruth.

1) “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” (1979)
Never heard of this movie?  Consider yourself lucky.  A struggling Pittsburgh pro basketball team turns to astrology to change their fortunes.  So they adopt the name “Pisces” (get it, the fish?) and become wildly successful to the astonishment of the team’s star Moses Guthrie who is played by Dr. J himself, Julius Erving.  The movie definitely is a reflection of it’s time with a heavy disco theme.  It also stars comedic legends Jonathan Winters, Harry Shearer & Flip Wilson but it barely registers a laugh.  It is not only one of the worst sports movies of all time but one of the worst period.

What Will We Do Without Football!?

So the Super Bowl is over and the New England Patriots are your NFL Champions.  So has the depression sunk in yet?  The sadness of now knowing football is done for yet another season. Couple that with the fact that Central Ohio just finished celebrating a National Championship season for the Ohio State Buckeyes and the funk becomes even greater. Cheer up friends! There are plenty of things to get excited about until the start of the next football season.

Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball
Thad Matta, D’Angelo Russell & the Ohio State Hoopsters are already in the middle of another exciting college basketball season!  It should be another fun battle in the Big Ten Conference as we head to March Madness…where the BasketBucks will probably get upset by another mid-major.

Columbus Blue Jackets
We are coming off  of a wonderful NHL All Star experience here in Columbus, so why not get behind your Columbus Blue Jackets?  Why let little things like the CBJ digging themselves into such an early hole that the Stanley Cup Playoffs seem like a pipe dream or a roster decimated by injuries to stars like Nathan Horton and Sergei Bobrovsky keep you from being a member of the “5th Line”?

MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (Cincinnati Reds & Cleveland Indians)
It won’t be long before the “Boys of Summer” will be in Arizona getting ready for another Major League Baseball season!  Don’t tell us you aren’t getting a little bit excited for a marathon 162 game season in which both the Cincinnati Reds & Cleveland Indians will march in the hot summer sun to…..most likely mediocre seasons at best.

Who are we kidding??  We are going to be miserable without football.  So keep working on those mock NFL drafts and counting the days until the Buckeyes Football Spring Game.  We can make it until then, right?

Super Bowl XLIX on 955 The Game!

It should be a historic battle as the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots for Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, February 1st!

The defending NFL Champion Seahawks looked to be on the ropes as they found themselves down 19-7 with 5:04 left in the NFC Championship Game after QB Russell Wilson threw his fourth interception of the game.  But a botched recovery attempt on an onside kick by the Packers and an improbable rally from Seattle led them to overtime victory and the NFC Championship.

The Patriots had a much easier time in a 45-7 rout of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Title Game.  RB LeGarrette Blount bulldozed the Colts defense for 148 yards rushing and the New England defense made Indianapolis look clueless as QB Andrew Luck completed only one pass of more than 10 yards.

Of course, the AFC Championship Game has been overshadowed by “DeflateGate” as the Patriots have been accused of deflating footballs used in the game.

We believe the footballs in Super Bowl XLIX will be up to snuff to determine the NFL Champion.
955 The Game is Proud to be the Columbus Radio Home of Super Bowl XLIX!

Kevin Harlan, Boomer Esiason, James Lofton and Mark Malone will bring you COMPLETE COVERAGE ALL DAY Super Bowl Sunday (so you don’t have to listen to Cris Collinsworth) and 955 The Game will bring you EVERYTHING you need to know during Super Bowl Week!

Memes For Manziel

To say Johnny Manziel’s regular season NFL debut as Cleveland Browns starting quarterback was a disaster would be generous.  “Johnny Football” finished 10-of-18 for 80 yards, with two picks. Manziel also rushed five times for 13 yards as the Cincinnati Bengals rolled 30-0 for Round 2 of 2014’s “Battle Of Ohio” in Cleveland.  The loss basically sounded the death knell for any chance of the Brownies making the playoffs this season.

But there is a silver lining.  A performance of such horrific quality guarantees the internet will generate hilarious memes and of course, we can’t help but share…

From our friends @Boones_Goons on twitter…




Jeremy Thompson on facebook…


Joshua Arnold

Too many shares to credit…

Jed Hirsch

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Hottest Cleveland Browns Fans!

The Cleveland Browns throttled the Cincinnati Bengals 24-3 for the “Battle of Ohio” during primetime on Thursday Night Football and currently find themselves tied for First Place in the AFC North!

You know how we celebrate…with the Hottest Cleveland Browns Fans!

Beer and Babes? Yes, PLEASE!!!

We have fallen in love with this NFL Analyst…

No if ands or “butts” that the Browns are the hottest team in the AFC North right now…

This Browns fan makes a nice “tee”…

You don’t have to take your top off to prove how big of a Browns fan you are…but hey, we won’t argue…

We would love to sit next to these rabid Browns fans….
Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns

This Browns fan ain’t no “Dawg”…but she is welcome in the “Dawg Pound”!

We hope these lovely Browns fans and YOU remember, 95.5 The Game is YOUR Columbus Home of the Cleveland Browns!! Be sure to TURN DOWN the sound on your TV and TURN UP 95.5 The Game!

America’s Stupidest SuperFans!

f you have been watching the World Series there is no doubt you have noticed “Marlins Man”, the Marlins “SuperFan” who travels to major sporting events wearing his Marlins gear to promote his favorite team.  While he may be well intended, he has annoyed many by “crashing” the party with his garish orange.

In his “honor” we proudly present America’s Stupidest SuperFans!

Uh, dude….the “Force” is NOT with you.  You are tarnishing Peyton Manning’s legacy with this “get up”.broncos

Me-OUCH!  This Panthers SuperFan is not intimidating anyone with his “Feline Fashion”….
2004 Olympics

This Colorado Rams fan is….is….uh, we can’t fathom what the hell this dude is supposed to be….

Please put your tongue back in your mouth, Georgia SuperFan…you are not Miley Cyrus…

This Raiders SuperFan needs to go back to the “home”…

Yo, Seahawks SuperFan!  “Do You Lift?”
Super Bowl Football

Once again we ask—“What the f–k is this supposed to be???”  We thought Syracuse kids were smart…

This Steelers SuperFan is “SuperMan”! Or is it “SuperDouche”?

Speaking of Superheroes…these UNC SuperFans appear to be “The Legion of SuperDorks”…

Of course, we have to end with a “Michigan Man”.  Please, someone…call an exterminator.

No Jesus & No Peace For RGIII?


The bad news just kept coming for Robert Griffin III (RGIII), not only did he suffer another in a line of  injuries during the Redskins game on September 14th vs. the Jaguars, he also was involved in a ‘wardrobe malfunction’.

RGIII entered the interview room after the game wearing a t-shirt that read “Know Jesus; Know Peace” with the K & W blacked out on the shirt.  Before he stepped to the podium for interviews, he was told by NFL Uniform Inspector Tony McGee to turn his t-shirt inside out because it wasn’t a Nike product, which RGIII complied with.  However, other players including LB Ryan Kerrigan stood at the podium in non-Nike gear.

It should be noted RGIII did willingly comply with the request to turn his t-shirt out.  But what’s the deal here?  Is the NFL practicing some sort of religious censorship?